Maeya Zee


Hello, everyone, my name is Maeya Zee, I am here to be your life coach, to be your partner in this beautiful journey of your personal growth. Sometimes life could be very difficult and not that easy as we imagine before, but there is so many beautiful meaning we can discover and enjoy in life with the right direction and the right way.

As a person, I understand how it feels when you are clueless, pointless, and sometimes meaningless with everything you’ve done in your life. As a family member, I know how it could be hard to cope with some family drama or other relationship dramas. Well, there is controllable and uncontrollable factors in life, cause life is about choices, but the good news is, we have the right of choices and joy in this wonderful life. Hope we can meet in our coaching session. I would be your partner to discover your potential value, to improve your quality of life, and to grow an extraordinary life.

Education Background:

Doctoral Degree in Psychology, Indonesia YAI University

Master Degree in Communication Management, Indonesia University

Bachelor Degree in Psychology, Indonesia University

Loop Professional Coach, Indonesia

Egnatium Certified Coach, Kuala Lumpur & Indonesia

Certified Basic Counselor of Academy Human Development, Singapore

Assertiveness Facilitator of Sydney Center of Continuing Education, Australia

Profesional Background:

Book Author of 31 Guys 31 Lessons: Discovering The Meaning of Love (2015, Indonesia & 2017, Vietnam)

Lecturer of Communication Psychology, University of Bunda Mulia, Indonesia

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