Linda Octarina


We all want to be happy. We all want to strive for more.We all want to maximize the personal, professional and financial potential that life has to offer, but we’d prefer to do so without the stress, exhaustion, and anxiety that is often bundled up with “ Success”.

As much as we want to flourish and succeed , sometimes we will fall off that path. That’s okay..

Here, I will help you to bring you back to the basics and remind you , of your vision and goals. I will help you to design your life as you want to be, to  develop your own strategy for living your optimal life.

Enclosed herewith my Certifications for your reference :

* Certified Erickson Professional Coach ( Erickson International, USA )

* Licensed Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Program for Practitioner ( Richard Bandler , The Society of NLP, USA )

* Licensed Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Program ( Richard Bandler , The Society of NLP, USA )

* Certified of  ESAC  & ETAC Micro Expression ( Paul Ekman International , London )

* Certified of SELLING CHARISMA by Owen Fitzpatrick International

* Certified of Unleashing Leadershipby Michael Hall ( Neuro Semantic )

* Certified of Quantum Life Transformation ( Adi W. Gunawan – Institute of Mind Technology , Indonesia )

* Certified of E.R.A.S.E. Therapy ( Adi W. Gunawan Associate – Institute of Mind Technology, Indonesia )

* Certified Hypnotherapist ( Indonesia Board of Hypnotherapy , Jakarta)

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