Anthony Rizadly


A systematic and emphatic coach, anthony rizaldy p. Rosales, or “aldy”  is a licensed meta-coach®with international credentials recognized by the international society of neuro-semantics®  (isns) in over 40 countries.  He has completed his training certification through the advance management program of the southeast asia business studies (seabs) at the university of asia and the pacific (ua&p) and now works as a trainer, speaker, mentor, and coach. A graduate of the pontifical university of santo tomas, with a degree in bachelor of science major in electronics and communications engineering (ece), he has two decades of experience working in the telecommunications industry as senior network engineer, and was part of several major expansion projects in london, hong kong, singapore, japan and usa as lead project manager and site engineer, before he transitioned into coaching and training.

Meta-coach aldy specializes in life engineering, personal synergy, career transition coaching, project management, leadership and change management.  He is often invited as a resource speaker in various forums and conventions, and regularly gives talks on career growth series at the asian institute of management (aim) and conducts team-buildings.

A list of some trainings he has received are the following: egnatium coaching certification on life, entrepreneurship, & learning platform recognized in malaysia, australia, and ksa (april 2018) with egnatium international, holiday inn, makati city; global thought leaders (august 2017) with cornerstone leadership and strategy consulting, inc.; self-actualization (may 2017) with breakthrough coaching and consulting, in partnership with the university of asia and the pacific, international trainer’s training (august 2016)  in singapore under coach blair singer; guerilla business intensive (april 2016) in singapore with marketing guru mr. Alex mandossian; coaching change: transformational coaching (march 2016); unleashing my genius: helping children overcome performance barriers (march 2016) in ua&p; breaking through performance barriers (june 2016); accessing personal genius: the international meta-coaching system(2015), accelerated coaching essentials: the international meta-coaching system(oct. 2015), to name a few.

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