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Life Coaches

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  • Dinta Roesli

    Mrs Dinta Alysa Roesli has been Experienced more than 20 years as an Finance Specialist at Multi national Company in Jakarta. Since 2016,

  • Linda Octarina

    We all want to be happy. We all want to strive for more.We all want to maximize the personal, professional and financial potential that life

  • Fathia Saripuspita

    After getting my master degree in Educational Psychology and a license as a psychologist from University of Indonesia, I was supposed to

  • Gerald Sioco

    How much is it worth to discover your passion? Your calling? Do you ever wonder how it feels like to wake up each morning excited to

  • Maeya Zee

    Hello, everyone, my name is Maeya Zee, I am here to be your life coach, to be your partner in this beautiful journey of your personal growth.

  • Fiona Wang

    I believe that “Life is a Beautiful Journey”. During my service as a Mind Therapy, a Counselor, and a Life Coach for more than 10 years,

  • Abigail Rosal

    Abby Rosal is one of the first Filipinos certified coach for Emotional Intelligence (EQ) through KandiData Asia. She’s been teaching EQ

  • David Deb

    “To be successful in life, you should aim to achieve the right balance between career, health and relationships and usually finding that

  • Camille San Diego

    Camille San Diego is an Associate Certified Meta Coach (P) recognized by the International Society of Neuro-Semantics. She studied Bachelor of

  • Anne Cailleaux

    Anne has over 13 years of experience in consulting, training and giving presentations. She has worked with large groups such as Accor,

  • Iva Tarle

    Iva Tarle is a travel addict, a former diplomat who went rogue and moved to Bali to discover her hidden superpowers for coaching people.

  • Trixie Barretto Esguerra

    Trixie is the Philippines’ Vision Board Coach who helps people discover what do they really want in life and

  • Ragalado Ente Jr.

    Mr. Regalado Ente Jr., or Mr. Junrey, as he is commonly being called, has academically obtained his Degrees in Philosophy and Theology at Maryhill

  • Joseph Cueto

    Joseph is a corporate communications professional who has served roles of a coach/mentor and lead volunteer in the various

  • Anthony Rosales

    A systematic and emphatic coach, ANTHONY RIZALDY P. ROSALES, or “ALDY” is a licensed Meta-Coach® with international credentials

  • Charissa Cacnio

    Graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Development, I’m an ICF credentialed since 2015; full-time expressive art & life coach.