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Life Coaching at Egnatium

Living a life under the influence of others is often easier than disrupting the culture and mindset of the society in designing your own life, not mentioning the challenge to overcome every fear and uncertainty when it comes to making important decisions. It boils down to the question-

“Are you living an Extraordinary Quality of Life?”

Discover this online coaching experience with Egnatium® Coaching Platforms where we connect you with our growing network of global coaching experts to help you to unlock your potential and optimize your strength to achieve your goals. We made coaching services accessible and affordable to individuals who are eager to live an extraordinary life.


Life Orientation

Most people now live a reactive style of life instead of being proactive and designing the life that aligns with their wants, needs, values and standards. Our life coaching helps you figure out how to align your emotions, goals, thoughts, abilities, and resources to achieve your real purpose in life.

Personal Branding

The chances of you being born in this time and age are 4000:1 Everybody has a purpose in life, and we’re all unique. Life coaching helps you find your calling by showing you your uniqueness.


If you’re in the right frame of mind, then there’s no limit to what you can achieve. Our life coaching helps improve your decision-making skills and general daily performance by encouraging the right mindset


Spirituality teaches you to look within yourself and believe that anything is possible. We show you how to use spirituality to your advantage, allowing you to reach your ultimate goal in life.


Our life coaching services extend beyond training your mind and mental wellness. We understand how important physical health is to your overall performance in life. Our coaches help you identify what it means to be physically healthy, and what you must do to achieve this, and be in optimal health.

Science of Achievement

Success in life can come in different forms, and people view success differently. There will always be a formula for success as many people have walked down the same path as you. With life coaching from Egnatium, we help you learn from other people’s success stories to mirror their achievements.

Art of fulfilment

What does it mean when you feel fulfilled? To us, this is when you’re grateful for everything you’ve got, you’re always growing, and you’re able to give to others. This ends up giving you a constant feeling of happiness in life. We teach you the art of fulfilment, so you understand, appreciate, and enjoy life to the deepest level. If you can embrace all the experiences life throws at you, then you’re living the best life possible.

Our Approach

  • Professional and Certified Coaches

    We have a growing network of professional and certified coaches globally with at least 5 years of coaching experiences who are ready to deliver their service to you- Online, at your own convenience.

  • Learning Modules on-the-go

    We have a library of over 100 online learning modules to choose from which covers 3 main areas- Life Design, Entrepreneurship and Executive Performance.

  • Blueprints and Templates

    We have a library of templates, manuals and guides that would help you in your personal growth journey

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  • Anthony Rizadly

    A systematic and emphatic coach, anthony rizaldy p. Rosales, or “aldy” is a licensed meta-coach®with international credentials recognized by the international society of neuro-semantics® (isns) in over 40 countries.

  • Linda Octarina

    We all want to be happy. We all want to strive for more.We all want to maximize the personal, professional and financial potential that life

  • Fathia Saripuspita

    After getting my master degree in Educational Psychology and a license as a psychologist from University of Indonesia, I was supposed to

  • Gerald Sioco

    How much is it worth to discover your passion? Your calling? Do you ever wonder how it feels like to wake up each morning excited to

  • Maeya Zee

    Hello, everyone, my name is Maeya Zee, I am here to be your life coach, to be your partner in this beautiful journey of your personal growth.

  • Fiona Wang

    I believe that “Life is a Beautiful Journey”. During my service as a Mind Therapy, a Counselor, and a Life Coach for more than 10 years,


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Life Management
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Personal Branding
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Personal Goals Template
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